Monday, January 24, 2011

Success is a Simple Choice! (part 2) The Subconscious Mind.

I talked about more of the conscious thought out choices in part 1, now lets go to how the sub-conscious ones effect us...

While the conscious choices are important, the sub-conscious are almost more important! Because, the sub-conscious thoughts are what we use for our automatic responses, and reactionary (reflex) responses... those reactions, like when the phone rings, or when you turn a corner and run into someone that you don't like! Or, maybe the news of a raise in pay... And, how about the time the thing that you are working with suddenly breaks... How you react, is the product of your sub-conscious mind, that you have been programming since conception! (From all those previous actions and reactions... and accepting of "truth" that You heard before.)

I have used the picture of the trained elephant to illustrate this before.... where the elephant is caught while real small, tied with a heavy chain for so long that, later, when it is only held by a "string", it won't pull on it hard enough to break it! Horses are trained in similar manner... But, I like the Elephant illustration, because of it massive size, being controlled with a mere "string" of a rope. Which it could break without even trying, yet the "training" of its mind won't let it! Just LIKE us humans!

Now the training of the elephant was not its conscious thoughts... its thoughts were to get away! Yet it was retrained in a manner, that wouldn't let it move. Like that, we have been taught that:

"We can't rise above our 'roots'!"
"Man can not fly!"
"That's physically 'impossible'!"
"You are NOT smart enough to do that!"
"You don't have enough education do do that!"
... the list goes on.... (here you can fill in the quotes that you were told)

And isn't it interesting that You have never been able to do any of those things?? Why? (if you have done those things, you have not listened to, and believed them... Good for YOU!)

Now you take the bull elephant... even though most days he doesn't even "try" the rope, he can, and will, break even the heavy chains, under certain circumstances. (deeper subconscious thoughts of mating is one) Then when that circumstance is over his "limits" come back, and the "string" holds him again! (Of course he has to be restrained for awhile again, to make sure it is not a habit.)

So the subconscious,so much faster mind, starts all of your reactions, typically, down the path of all the previous training (all before rational thought kicks in)... Right to...I CAN"T ! Because of ... (your trained excuse/response goes here)... And then guess what??? YOU never do it! YOU can't... YOUR mind won't let YOU! It is just protecting you, RIGHT?? That is what You have let it believe for all this time!

"How can I change this?" You may ask, "If I am and my thoughts are a product of all those limitations"? What do I do to throw off the chains? How do I "free" my mind from the "renter take over"?

Well, I will go back to the simple choices now.... How to make the simple choices to retrain YOUR mind to be YOU! Not the limiting thoughts of the "old" teachers of the past. But, YOUR hopes and dreams, of YOUR future!

In "Part 3", (Retraining of the Captive Mind) where we will go into more detail...

Just my thoughts...

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  1. I am in the process of reprogramming my subconscious mind and I have to say that it is no easy task. It is very difficult to overcome patterns that I have been repeating over and over again for my entire life. I cannot say that I am there yet but I am alot closer than I was yesterday. I am constanly retraining my subconscious mind to think new positive thoughts in place of the negative thoughts that have been implanted there over my lifetime. I will not stop this process until I reach my Goals and then I will do continual maintenance to make sure that I keep the ball rolling.

  2. Very good information! I can't wait to read part three. I'm reading a book called "Train Your Brain" & I'm learning how to align my conscious & subconscious brain. It really works.It looks like you have this thing licked! Thanks for your brilliance.