Monday, January 10, 2011

Are The Elephants In Your Mind Stomping out Your Dreams?

What do You mean I have an elephant in my mind!!! Yes, and for most of us we don't even know its there! We call it many other things, like "I can't because....", "thats IMPOSSIBLE!", "It's just a dream, but...), "I'm not that lucky!" or any other excuse or doubt.... These are "elephants" taking up space, and stomping out Your dreams! (in Your garden of Hope) Is there a way of getting rid of the huge pests? Yes! A "Mental" cleanse!

Remember the saying that "elephants never forget"? Well, Your mind is like that elephant that was trained to not pull on its' chains (boundaries) or challenge its' masters... They (authority figures) started out when You were very young, telling you, "You can't do that!", "YOU can't do this!", "You aren't that smart!", "You were born....!"(insinuating a handicap of sorts) ... and a million other things to say that YOU are some how not able to achieve ....???(Your hopes and dreams)...! Are those limitations anything other than an elephant, crushing your flowers of hope?

Let's think about it... Are those Elephants real? Are You really handicapped? (physically or mentally) Or, are You just taking someone's word for it? Most of us, most of the time are just taking other people's word for it, without even questioning it! STOP IT! Just STOP IT! DO NOT rent space to others in Your mind! They will just fill that space with their leftover garbage!

So how do I get this Elephant out of my mind? Simple!... Now, I did NOT say easy... it takes work!

First thing You have to do is to figure out what YOU want in life... What are YOUR dreams??? What do YOU like??? And things like... what You would do if "money" was not an issue???? All these things gives You a clue to who YOU really are!

Next is to kick out the renters and elephants, by taking back control of Your mind! The simplest way is to crowd them out with a positive mindset... Telling yourself: "YES I CAN...!!!", " IT (???) WILL HAPPEN!", "IMPOSSIBLE IS NOT A WORD!" (Just hasn't been done yet!)... Then repeating this hundreds of times a day! (no to worry, it doesn't take up that much time) Flooding Your mind with the positive emotions, will crowd out those negative thoughts (elephants) breaking those chains of "other people's limitations" from Your mind. Thus, leaving Your hopes and dreams to have the room (whole house or "Mind") to grow and mature.

Throughout the "mental cleanse" process, it is best to distance yourself from any negative sources and to surround Yourself with as many positive influences as YOU can! (stopping the in-flow of the negative mind renter's garbage) By doing this, You speed up the change and increase YOUR ability to stick with those good changes.

So become that "elephant exterminator", and get rid of the elephant that is stomping out the "roses" in Your dreams.... OR, finish moving into Your "house" (mind) by Kicking out the renters (and their garbage), so that YOU can fully unpack Your own hopes and dreams, filling YOUR house (mind) with Love, Hope and Prosperity!

Just a thought...

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  1. Hi Bruce,

    These are very excellent analogies for how our subconscious mind really does control our destiny.

    So, the key to Following Your Bliss is to "take control of your elephant" through consistent, positive, emotion laden, autosuggestion.

    Thanks and very well said,

    David H. Paul
    the Follow Your Bliss guy