Monday, February 7, 2011

Why shouldn't I help You For Free?? (Knowing that you may never buy anything from me!)

I have been asked many times, "Why would you help me?" "I'm not going to buy anything from you!" Or, the "big" question... "So if you are not making money off of helping me? How do you profit from it?" (Wondering all the time how I'm going to drain their bank accounts...)

The truth is there is a little profit in giving this help to YOU! Your friendship... Your like... Your trust... Your help... Your feedback... And maybe even Your leadership! No money changing hands, yet I will benefit plenty! (A multitude of friends, is worth more than "gold"!)

"So!" You ask, "How much is this FREE help worth?"
And my answer to that is, "How much are YOU willing to invest?)
"But" You'll say... "I thought You said it was FREE!"

Then I'd go on into how it was given free, yet, how You had to invest it into yourself, to really gain anything! Investing the time and effort to put it to work, or use it! In doing this investing, You are the recipient of your investment... So is it really FREE?

Lets liken it to the old story, of "giving a man a fish vs. teaching him how to fish"...

If You give a man a fish, he eats for a day! But, if You teach him how to fish, he eats well for the rest of his life! (I'm not sure of its origin/author)

That is why I help with Free Training (like teaching how to fish), so that You can go on to success in your business. But, if I just gave you a business, without any training, how long would you have the business? (According to statistics, less than 6 months)

So why again would I give You free help, through free training? How is it that I profit, if you don't join me?

This question is easy to answer too! If I train you to do Your business RIGHT, You will recommend me for your all friend's training too! (if they don't ask first) And sooner or later, by paying it forward, one of those well trained people will go into business with me! (and then I will be able to pick from the best... that are trained right by me!) Now I also have a team of trainers!

"But, that is a very high cost, just to get one person to join, isn't it? You might ask?
Its not so bad when you see the spiderweb effect (like ripples in a pond) of all the peoples lives, just one trained person makes!

This free training also gives more credibility to the whole industry! Like safety training has done for the mining industry... Accidents go down after safety training, like business failures go down after our free training! Everyone wins!

That is my thoughts... No real hidden agendas! Just people helping people, to better the World!

Till next time,

Saturday, February 5, 2011

An Agenda Kills Even The Chance To Help!

Are all agendas Bad??? Even the Agenda to help others? Or to show that You really care about someone? How could that be bad? What is the definition of "agenda"?? "A list of things to be done." Yet many take it as, "things (list) to be done to get something in return"....

Either way, the essence is that the one with the agenda, is so focused on their plans or list, that they are oblivious to anyone else's. Much like the salesman that won't listen or see that the target does not need a freezer... (He is at the Arctic...) Or, trying to sell a hair creme to a bald guy. Or even, a toupee to a guy with a full head of hair... Though if the salesman is a real good "closer" and sells something like that, how duplicatable is that??? How many times is He going to repeat that kind of sales?

Back to reality... the Bald guy is not going to buy the creme. (At least not twice!) Most people shut down, and are wary of any agendas... even if it is just to let them know that YOU care! They wonder why it is so important that You need this??? Which ends up making them think that You are going to require something in return!

But! Most importantly! Your mind is focused on your list of things, that YOU WILL miss a lot of the details that they are sharing... Their hopes, their dreams, their needs and their wants... all missed, because you weren't really listening to THEM!

Much like the Marketer, complaining that he isn't having any luck with anybody joining their business... Is that all the information that you need? Not really! How about the one hundred leads a day that he has coming in? What about the fifty people that he just signed up, then quit on him? Or, maybe he isn't getting any one at all for leads? How is he treating the leads he gets? Is the product bad? (usually not) Is the "Great" product over priced? And here is a Question... Does he like people? (in reality, he may be an unsociable hermit, that is just desperate for more cash)...

So if you don't listen really well, you will miss the little clues of what is really the problem! Could be a combination of any, or, all the above, plus maybe something else thrown in....

Even with just the agenda of wanting to be helpful, will blind you, by focusing on the first thing/problem, instead of the real cause! (Much like if a Doctor doesn't listen well, he may prescribe just some Ibuprofen for a headache, when it is really a brain cancer/tumor...)

I guess what I would say is key thing here is to LISTEN with your whole being! It will surprise you what you may hear! there will be time for the helping later...

I hope this helps You in getting away from agendas, and back to being just YOU... let it flow... let Your subconscious help too! (it remembers everything)

Until next time,

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Success is a Simple Choice! (part 3) Retraining of the Captive Mind.

In part 1 and 2, I talked about the little "simple choices" that we have made that got us to where we are today. Most of them highly influenced by our subconscious mind. A part of our mind, that has been fed like a computer, to automatically spit out an overall picture of what is fed in. In other words, the emotions with the most thoughts attached, is the emotion that comes out first!

Let's say Your mind is a house, where one of the rooms has been rented out to a very well meaning, (an old friend) yet a very sloppy (negative) person.

Now this Old friend has lived there for years... (and may have already been given the eviction notice) With his "stuff" (negativity) spread throughout the house, which has also spilled out into the front yard. (Your face... no longer smiling) People are noticing and talking... You know this isn't the real you, because you have always like a clean house! So what can you do now??? Your house is full of his "stuff", and You know that all of his other places are over-flowing too! So how are You going to get him out??

Simple choices... Starting with not letting him bring in any more "stuff", (Stop listening to the negative chatter) and even maybe evicting him out of the house all together! That still doesn't get rid of all the "stuff" that is already there... It just stops more from coming in! So now what do I do with all this Stuff! How do I get rid of it... The HOUSE is FULL!

For the purpose of this picture You can't remove any of his "stuff" out of the house.... (Just like in Your mind, once it is in your head You can not totally remove it!) Yet here comes the good part, your House (mind) comes with a trash compactor! Now to the simple choices... to put the unused "stuff", into the compactor. (back of your mind) So how do I get to unpack and use my things (YOUR positive thoughts and emotions) when the house is already full???

The simple process of unpacking your "things" (YOUR positive thoughts and emotions) into your house (mind) makes it more crowded, yet letting you see which Stuff (negative thoughts) has to go first... into the compactor. (back of your mind) Thus, making a little more room!

After repeating this over and over, Your good "things" start to show on the outside of your house (face) too! And also in your yard (actions) as well !

With the help of others (positive friends) you can speed the process up.

Another tool that helps the clean-up process is the Hose. (Positive self-talk) With the hose You can wash that unwanted "stuff" right down into the basement in that drain (like the compactor, it holds the "stuff" to process, and to shrivel up to basically nothing ~ forgotten) Again, leaving more space for YOU!

Before long You are gaining, if not, in control of YOUR house!

All these were simple choices, NOT necessarily easy choices... It is not easy to clean up a WHOLE house full of JUNK! It is NOT easy to say NO to that negative thoughts! It just takes the simple choice of persistence, to keep making those little simple choices...

I hope I made my word picture clear enough, and didn't confuse you...LOL

Just some of my observations,
Bruce Liebing
(with editing help of Trish Kirby)