Monday, December 27, 2010

Is Your "Keeping Score" Holding YOU back?

Most of us like to give to our friends and loved ones. But are you always "looking" for the pay back? Do You try to keep a mental score card going? Do You only give to those that reciprocate back?? Does Your "Paying it Forward" have strings attached? Did You know that ALL this "score Keeping" just hinders YOU? Without it, you get so much more!

What happens when You are keeping score is that Your focus is so much on score-keeping, that everything else get put on the back of your mind.... diminishing the capacity and frequency for remembering good things! Say that you gave your friend a pat on the back (figuratively or not), then you are looking for a response "worthy" to score it. (seeing if it equals what you gave) Yet, what you may not have seen, besides that smile and thank you, is that this friend had just stood up for you to someone else... Or, even if it is repaid days later, you may not even associate it to what you gave earlier!

So, if you just give to help others, with no strings attached, people respond better and take it to heart more. (Because they aren't in essence, paying for it!) And by paying it forward, with no strings, they will pay it forward, and on, and on... and the next thing you know all that has come full circle, and you end up getting way more back than what you initially gave out. Kind of like a little mountain stream, starting with just a dribble, with a little added here and there it can end up a pretty good size river...

Keeping the river in mind, it is much more effective to focus on the giving, instead of the keeping score of the getting. Letting the rewards of the gifts to take care of themselves, frees up time and energy to give even more of a quality gift.

Like also, the gift of helping others, through free mlm training, can explode your networking efforts into a viral like infestation... On the other hand if you have strings attached to that same free mlm training, is it really free? So will they stay with you very long, when it is all about YOU, instead of helping them and others? So again, help others freely, don't worry about the receiving, it will come, and be multiplied!

One more analogy... An investment. If you make an investment with strings attached, (minimizing the risks) gets very little returns. (if any) Yet a wisely placed investment of relationship building, (like real free mlm training) will have it's little disappointments, (the uncoachables) BUT, will overall overflow with payback. This type of long term growth will only be found with ego in check, positive mental attitude and team work mentality kind of group.

So invest in YOUR future with those little gifts of Yourself, and have a river of blessing flowing back to you as a reward.

Thanks for Your interest, and may this free mlm advice be a blessing to YOU,
Bruce Liebing
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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

You "Just" Get What You Pay For... Is That True?

I have heard most of my life that... "You only get what You pay for!" So I ask now, "Is that really true?"


How about a gift? How much did You pay for it? This is where it gets tricky! Usually a gift comes from someone You have built a relationship with... which means that You invested time and ??? into them. So how do you figure those costs? (There are costs to building relationships!) Many of us put it as a "free" gift. But if it is "free", does that mean it is of little or no value to us? (Get what you pay for) NO! Those gifts can be priceless us, even if it was a trinket!

Second Hand...

What about those "Great" deals You get at the local yard sale? Did You get what you paid for there? (That new $100 item, that you gave ten bucks for?) In these cases, someone else paid the price for you! Does that mean it (New in the box) is still junk?

Free Advice?

When it comes to free advice, is there any difference? I have heard about it, the same thing... You get what you pay for... (implied that it is useless or garbage). Yet that is totally discounting all the price that the teacher ("free" advice giver) has paid to get the advice to YOU.

I am not saying that all "free" advice is good! The quality of advice depends on the price of the gathering of that advice. Some of the best free training/advice has been past down through the ages, from parent to child... for free! ( No monetary cost to the child) Is all that training a waste? (Discounting all the "Wives Tales" and manipulative lies...) Still, Just because it is "free" does not mean that it is nothing!

I could go into a lot of other like situations or things to show how "You get what You pay for", is not very accurate. To make the statement more accurate, I would say something like- "You get what was put into it". This would take more into account all that was invested into it before it was past on.

I hope this (free mlm information) has been of value to YOU... I know that I, myself, will use that saying a lot less!

Thanks for the interest,
Bruce Liebing
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Tuesday, December 21, 2010


I KNOW THAT YOU ARE NOT TRYING TO FAIL!! But are you sabotaging Your own efforts? Are You being taught how to fail... instead of successful network marketing?

Don't take me the wrong way! I'm not trying to make fun, but I really do see people doing this to their businesses all the time. It is not your fault! Network marketing is not a natural gift! Taught right, you can learn to do network marketing properly.(There is free mlm training.) You can learn this from the comfort of your own home or office. If you continue reading, I will show you some dos and do not s of network marketing. By using these, every day, it usually will help you in other aspects of life as well.



Make a list of your neighbors, family and friends. This list is called your warm market or circle of influence. Now if you want to be successful at network marketing, leave the people on this list alone! (they are YOUR personal support group) You don't want them to be a statistic on the 97% failure list, for they are not the sales staff that you need. (Later, if they come to YOU and are qualified, then you may train/enlist them!) Network marketing is sales, marketing and relationship building, rolled into one. NOT just blindly "sharing" your product to whomever you come in contact with. Successful network marketing is a learn-able business, that with some courses/mentoring you can become very proficient at. (Again, can be through free mlm training) Without proper marketing, network marketing is just another scam.


Get some marketing courses, online is usually most affordable, (should be free) that teaches modern network marketing methods. The network marketing courses and/or free mlm training, should cover things like knowing your targeted market, prospecting outside your warm market, websites, capture pages, blogs, ads, etc. These tools are necessary in most all businesses being that the internet is the largest marketplace in the World. To win in this business, you've got to know the rules. Yes, this does take some initiative, but in my book, well worth the trouble.


Network marketing is about selling a product/service through company reps. Purchasing company produced marketing materials to hand out, (expensive AND unproductive) makes you the consumer not the seller. Being your own consumer does not work! Likewise with purchasing leads list, ads, fliers or going to hotel / restaurant meetings. If you don't know what you are really selling and to whom you are selling to, you are wasting your efforts. Researching network marketing terms and techniques will probably give you a lot of advantages over the rep that signed you up, since knowledge is power! (Get the free mlm training first, before joining anything... This saves time AND money!)


I think you can see that the "old" network marketing "fads" lead to failure. The reason I call them "fads", is that they only had limited success during a few decades. (The general public wasn't so jaded then and the economy wasn't so tight). Fads only work for a time, because they are not founded on real marketing practices. Real network marketing is marketing and relations building. (Which every good, free mlm training should include.) This hasn't changed throughout the years. The successful basics are the same. Though some network marketing people will tell you that the "old fads" still works today, "Just look at "super rep" they're making a killing, they are millionaires!" Again, "flash-in-the-pans", "fly-by-nights", "LUCKY", "exceptions-to-the-rules" and a lot of other terms that have limited success. NO network marketing company, that wants to stay around for the duration uses those "fads", for their real marketing plan!!


As long as integrity throughout the business is being stressed, and a great product/service being offered, the network marketing company stands a good chance to succeed and remain highly profitable.

I know that I have just skimmed over some of the broad terms involving network marketing, not getting into the specifics of each. Each topic could easily be a long paper in itself.

Until next time, I hope You will use this as some of that free mlm training that I was talking about earlier... and let it boost your time and efforts in your network marketing research.

Thanks for your interest!

Bruce Liebing
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Monday, December 20, 2010

Is Paying For, Otherwise Free Information And Training, In Our/Your Best Interest?

Paying for information is good, if that information is really rare. But what about information that has been around for decades or centuries? With thousands of books written on it... Is it still that valuable? (What should be, after this long, "common sense"?) Good news! You should be able to get YOUR business training for FREE! Even if Your company doesn't give it...

Franchise Training

Now I am not talking about franchise training, like what McDonalds does... that is different, yet is it? When You purchase a franchise from them, isn't the training included? How to best operate Your/Their Business? For BOTH of Your interests? Fore, if You don't make money, will they?

How About Big Business?

So, if in the big business world, marketing training comes with the purchased business, why not in "small" or "at home" businesses? Why should WE have to find our own??? Shouldn't the "company" want their representatives to be successful? After all, wouldn't YOUR success help their success?

Free Training Of Reps

Keeping in mind, that if free training of reps (sales-personnel) is good for the company, WHY is it that so many companies have no REAL training at all?? Could it be that they don't know what they are doing? Are they just cutting corners at YOUR expense? Or, are they just plain using you? And is there a way that YOU can tell what is good training for Your company?

Business Relationship Training

Here is the "good' news... Most successful business training is alike! Basically the same system... Starting with relationship and personal development training. These two are at the heart of most businesses, whether big or small!

Free Training... The Good News

Can You get this training for free? More good news! Yes, You can! This training used to be more common, and is coming back! (Some groups out there are taking advantage and charging, THOUSANDS of dollars, to give out what You can get free!) Like right here, I am passing on to you, what many have been charged for... Want more? For FREE?

Do The Research!

Following these articles and the suggestions they contain, cost you what? A little of Your time, yet how much would it have cost you in money... from a "guru"?

 A Judgment Call...

Now You be the "judge", Is it really worth the price?

Bruce Liebing
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Mlm Schemes – What To Look Out For!

Quotes To Be Wary Of

How many times have you heard:” You are going to be rich in ….!!.” “By joining …..!!!.” “Trust me.....I'm rich!!” “We've been around forever.” Good news!! Mlm schemes are not that much different than any other business. It is how they are managed that really sets them apart!

Well Meanings Do Not Always End Well

Many mlm schemes were started out by well meaning business people, just doing what they think they know. The high failure rate in the industry, I blame first and foremost on the fact that people jump in too quickly, expecting to become rich beyond their abilities, then feeling inadequate and overwhelmed, they quit. Calling their once promising venture just another “mlm scheme”.

Hurry, Sign Up

By taking a little time and doing some research, most “mlm schemes” could be avoided by not getting caught up in the glitz and glitter. To avoid this, there are few things that you should look out for when choosing a mlm company. The sense of urgency, hype without facts to back it up, going though the numbers, cold calling, warm markets or circle of influence, and many other fads from the 60's. 
Network Marketing Is A Business

Things to check out is whether the distributors or the mentors actually teach real marketing systems? If they don”t, these companies will end up being a mlm scheme. For, as I have talked about in other articles, the incredible shrinking down line kicks in, if real repeatable marketing isn't being taught.

Integrity Of The Founders

The integrity of the organization itself should be the first thing you should check out. Integrity is a consistent practice of good ethical and moral standards. Questions to ask are : Do they stand behind their people and products? Mlm schemes normally don't really sell anything, over priced or otherwise. Yet, some mlm schemes that have at least started out selling a good product/service, because of improper techniques and marketing practices, turned it into a scam. Sometimes, the upline mentors of the mlm are the ones that, through lack of proper training, eroded the venture's foundation away. If you lack the right tools or training, you can, and will mislead your down line. Companies with integrity will be TRYING to correct these errors. 
Mlm Schemes Usually Don't Offer These... 
Good mlm companies usually teach repeatable systems that cover real marketing and relationship building. Having hands on mentoring, covering all the details to their policies and procedures. (A short policies and procedures list is a sign of an experienced founder.) Teaching real marketing, adapted to the internet's marketplace, preferably using videos for step by step training. Also, showing you the reliable systems from the old fads of past-years gone by.

Remember No Business Worthwhile Is Free

Don't get me wrong, there are many free offers out there, but if you do not, at least, invest some time, how much is it worth? Like most scams, mlm schemes base their sales on a little truth, a LOT of just hype and rushing you into a quick decision. The truth to their mlm schemes may be that “so and so” did make a million dollar sales month. But, was it telling you that this person already had 300,000 people on their established buyers list? Or, that it only happened once? As you probably already know , mlm schemes mostly victimize people that want something for nothing.

The Value Of Long lasting Relationships

All in all, if the mlm company is willing to train you right, it is looking for a long term relationship with you. As their rep/sales-person, you pass that on to your downline, you will be building a business that you can count on. Success, is having a long term residual income making you financially secure, through a loyal and successful downline. On the other hand, mlm schemes are just flash-in-the-pans, here today—gone tomorrow.

Till next time, boost your time and knowledge with this information on mlm marketing training.
Thanks for your interest!

Bruce Liebing
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