Friday, January 14, 2011

The Power Of "Owning" Your Mind and Keeping it Clean!

"Owning" your mind? Doesn't everyone "own" their minds? After all, it's in my head, right? .... Not really! For many of us, we have let the thoughts of others creep in and take control of our minds. Without even realizing that it has happened! (like renting a room out to someone, and the next thing you know, the whole house is full)

Here is a little story to illustrate how this happens... Using a "shop" as a picture of the mind...

The day I was born, I was "given" a Shop (mind) of MY very own. In it was stocked "All the tools that I would ever need", put in there so that no matter what I was doing the proper tool was there at hand. Gorgeous, spacious, PLUS a stock of materials to work with! (the power of the positive mind of youth)

The garbage starts to be shipped in...

Being very small yet, I head out to the shop... I get in the door and am stopped in my tracks with my Dad's voice booming "You have NO business being in here, till you are older and have some training...!" Distracted, I drop the tool (confidence, self-worth, hope, faith...) down, out of place and forgotten, as my Dad comes in with a load of garbage (You'll never amount to anything so why waste your time) from his shop (full of negative talk ~ Garbage) and proceeds to tell me that I may never be talented enough to use the tools, and will never make a go of the shop. (Telling me to accept that I would never really be "anybody" just like he and his father weren't! )

As the years go by, this happens a lot.... Even the "expert" neighbor stops in, while I was using one particular tool, (which was yet another of business relationship building tools) to tell me that, "You can't make that, especially, using that tool to get your desired results!" (He is the Expert after all, I had to listen) So again, that project gets dropped where I was... (Now, this pile of misplaced tools and unfinished projects are really pilling up, covering the floor)... I Can't do anything right... I need to get to be the expert! (find the best marketing tools and know them by heart)

Piled Higher and Deeper (Phd)

Well, the shop is getting pretty full, so I decide to put on an addition, (higher education) doubling the size of my shop! (DR., "guru", expert marketer...) And in this shop addition I only put in it "The Best on the Market tools that money can buy!" (the best, super-duper, undetectable spamming systems, "Everyone knows that you need loads of prospects", then, just funnel them in...) Only learning from someone with "master shopsmith" ("Guru") in their title. (The latest greatest system to get around the dreaded "Google") Spending Thousands +, so I can do the job and do it "right"! (after all, You get what You pay for) Yet, with all these top of the line tools,(Top "Guru"pushed) I still can't seem to get anything done! AAAHH! I just need the the latest tool attachments.. (More misdirection and limitations... ie. Up-sold guru products) And this goes on, and on... filling the addition, yet again, with pure garbage. (come to find out the "Guru" doesn't even use this stuff)

Looking for hope...

Never really getting anything done... I go out searching for answers. (more education) I end up at this little old shop, that is just pumping out projects, finished and highly profitable. (no matter where this guy goes, he has people around him, helping each other) So I ask the shop owner, "What was his secret??" (by the way, he has none of those fancy tools that I had bought, in sight!)

He looks at me and says: " "First You have to start with a clean shop". As I look around, I see that there is not a piece of garbage (negative talk) in the shop! Everything is in its place! (A very positive atmosphere) Bringing a faint, old memory of a shop like that to mind... my old shop! (The time when I thought I could do things, with hopes and dreams!)

So I ask, How do I do this?? And he smiles and answers: " It is very simple! Clean out your shop!"(Mental Cleanse) I quickly retort: "Have You ever seen my shop"??? (so full of negative emotions) "I got all the latest tools... and I even have a degree in cabinet making"

He just smiles and shakes his head saying: "Before You can be successful, you have to start with a clean shop".

"So where do I start??" I ask.

"Simple" he says, "all You have to do is dig out those old tools that you were born with, and start using them." (Relationship building with love, hope, faith, enthusiasm...)

"Do You Know how much garbage is in there?" I snap at him! (showing off my negative ego)

He just grins back and says, "That doesn't matter"... he pauses, "what matters is that YOU start"! And he goes on to say, "As You go along, You will get overwhelmed and want to quit. But don't! Just bring up in Your mind the picture of what You really want!" Then points around the shop, that I had been admiring...

"Come back any time!" he calls out to me as I leave. (a sign of a good mentor)

Cleaning the shop (my mind)

So, Off I go, head down, to "clean" my shop... (all the negative thoughts of doubt flooding back)

I get there and just about leave... Then the picture of that old man's shop, popped into my head! Yes! That is want I WANT! So, again, with head down (still doubting) I go into the shop. Picking up the "garbage" and putting it away. (In the trash) Dusting off my old tools (relationship building with caring heart) as I went, and placing them back in their place of honor. (helping others around me, like the help I was wanting to get from them)

Before long, (time can fly when you keep telling yourself that self-talk "I can!" and picturing it as done) I realized that the new neighbor, that I couldn't stand before, (Way to positive, LOL) was right there beside me helping all the way! No criticism, no "poking fun", just honest support and hard work! (like a great mentor would) All the time Knowing that he would not get paid for anything he did this day! (building a relationship to last a "lifetime")

Finally, getting the usage (ownership) back of my shop! (mind)

Just a thought... or Picture!

Just people helping people,
Bruce Liebing ... and thanks to Trish Kirby's editorial help.
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