Thursday, January 20, 2011

Success is a Simple Choice! (part 1)

Is Success a choice? Can anyone make this choice! (Actually, success is a series of simple choices!) Can those choices be easy? Can success be gained without making these simple choices?

Lets start with simple choices to be successful or to be NOT successful... (not successful is usually a sub-conscious choice, which I'll address in another article)

Now just because the choice to be successful is simple, doesn't make it an easy one! This will take a burning desire and perseverance, to get all the way through, to the finish! You will have to choose to stick with it to the end! You will have to choose NOT to let any excuses get into your way...NONE! Those choices are simple...

The "simple" choice to be a Medical Doctor (or your profession of choice) is not easy to follow through with! Yet, lets break it down further.... into bite-sized pieces... Starting with YOUR thought processes.

You have 2 choices here... Do you "know" (think) that You can be a Doctor? Or do You think that "maybe" You can be a Doctor? Huge difference between these two thought patterns! The simple choice of Yours to let doubt be involved, will lead You to quit! (You WILL find an excuse to back up those doubts!) Yet, if you give Yourself NO room for excuses, saying: "I am going to be a doctor"! This tells Your Mind that You have no plans to give up... and that you are not accepting anything less! A positive mindset!

97% or so, of people shooting to become a doctor, never make it to graduation. (this is about the same for most professions) So what happened? Why did so many quit? After all, wasn't it just a "simple choice"??

For that 97%, they made another simple choice, and that was to give up! They either changed their minds, or, made a choice to listen to the doubt... their choice!
"But, But, some had no choice, if they were just not 'smart enough', to do the work''! Right??
They made a simple choice! Usually one or more of these:
Not wanting it bad enough to PLAN for it... or,at least, a make a real/sound plan...
Not seeking out a mastermind group to check out and revise those plans...
Not following the plans... (trying a shortcut, usually) or just not starting...
Not keeping in touch with the master mind group, when hardships come... (change of requirements, etc...)
Not sticking to the plan or revised plan to the end....

Each of these was a choice, which YOU made, that effects YOUR success rate... Nobody made those choices for you, YOU did that for Yourself! All Your successes and failures were just simple choices... even if You did not "consciously" make those choices, and your sub-conscience did it for you! It was still a result of YOUR previous "simple" (Automatic like) choices!

The 3% that made it, made the simple choices to really want/desire it so much that the planned, mastermind, revised their plans, took actions on the plans and never quit, not even when they were successful! Never letting themselves make the choice to quit... (Most likely not even in their vocabulary!)

(Next, part 2, the "little things that effect the choices)

Just my thoughts...

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