Saturday, January 1, 2011

Investing In Objects Or People? Which Is Better?

What is better for you in the long run? Investing in things or people? The popular thing to do today, is to invest in "things" like education (books, classes, teachers...) ready made businesses, "guru" system shortcuts, "killer" sales pages, and the lists go on.... all feeding the ego that "I" am better and, or smarter than???? Yet, I look around, and see that these are just "flash - in -the- pan" wonders! The ones that are around for years on end, are the ones that not only invested in themselves, but in others, in the form of "Relationship Building"!

The reason I say that they are "flash in the pan" wonders is that they are here today and then where are they tomorrow? Off to the next "big thing", with always the latest fad system! This type of person is usually so concerned about themselves, that they walk all over other people to get what they want. (Things) So, how long do You stick around to be walked on? Most people are gone in a heart-beat! So off they go to find the next system to find more prospects to "plunder". After all, "THAT" is just BUSINESS!

Now let's look at the flip-side, investing into People through relationships...

What happens when You take a friend out to dinner? You talk and share with one another, getting to know each other's hopes and dreams. And I am sure that you even find out a few things that you or they hate. Plus, you'll share your wants and needs! So guess what? Now You have 2 people looking for ways to fulfill Your hopes and dreams... that makes it twice a likely that YOU will find success!

Taking this one step further.... Now lets say you have 1000 people that you converse with and share Your wants, hopes and dreams with? With ALL these people helping YOU... Even just a teeny-tiny bit from each adds up to a whole LOT of returned help!!! Networking your friends together is an investment, in not only them, but for YOU too!

A huge spiderweb of networked friends, leaves everyone covered, no one left out... Which is a win, win, situation for everyone! Say, if you can't get over to help some one, one of your other friends could jump in and take up the slack... After all, it will get paid back in full, PLUS some! This is TEAMWORK! And everyone knows that a good "team" will beat a bunch of "hotdogs" almost every time!

Build up those Relationships, they are YOUR investment that pays for life!!!

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