Monday, December 27, 2010

Is Your "Keeping Score" Holding YOU back?

Most of us like to give to our friends and loved ones. But are you always "looking" for the pay back? Do You try to keep a mental score card going? Do You only give to those that reciprocate back?? Does Your "Paying it Forward" have strings attached? Did You know that ALL this "score Keeping" just hinders YOU? Without it, you get so much more!

What happens when You are keeping score is that Your focus is so much on score-keeping, that everything else get put on the back of your mind.... diminishing the capacity and frequency for remembering good things! Say that you gave your friend a pat on the back (figuratively or not), then you are looking for a response "worthy" to score it. (seeing if it equals what you gave) Yet, what you may not have seen, besides that smile and thank you, is that this friend had just stood up for you to someone else... Or, even if it is repaid days later, you may not even associate it to what you gave earlier!

So, if you just give to help others, with no strings attached, people respond better and take it to heart more. (Because they aren't in essence, paying for it!) And by paying it forward, with no strings, they will pay it forward, and on, and on... and the next thing you know all that has come full circle, and you end up getting way more back than what you initially gave out. Kind of like a little mountain stream, starting with just a dribble, with a little added here and there it can end up a pretty good size river...

Keeping the river in mind, it is much more effective to focus on the giving, instead of the keeping score of the getting. Letting the rewards of the gifts to take care of themselves, frees up time and energy to give even more of a quality gift.

Like also, the gift of helping others, through free mlm training, can explode your networking efforts into a viral like infestation... On the other hand if you have strings attached to that same free mlm training, is it really free? So will they stay with you very long, when it is all about YOU, instead of helping them and others? So again, help others freely, don't worry about the receiving, it will come, and be multiplied!

One more analogy... An investment. If you make an investment with strings attached, (minimizing the risks) gets very little returns. (if any) Yet a wisely placed investment of relationship building, (like real free mlm training) will have it's little disappointments, (the uncoachables) BUT, will overall overflow with payback. This type of long term growth will only be found with ego in check, positive mental attitude and team work mentality kind of group.

So invest in YOUR future with those little gifts of Yourself, and have a river of blessing flowing back to you as a reward.

Thanks for Your interest, and may this free mlm advice be a blessing to YOU,
Bruce Liebing
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  1. Great post Bruce, I love your attitude on paying it forward with no strings attach. That is what it is all about. Thank you for showing your, heart, logic, character and leadership in this great article. Take care and God Bless.