Monday, December 20, 2010

Is Paying For, Otherwise Free Information And Training, In Our/Your Best Interest?

Paying for information is good, if that information is really rare. But what about information that has been around for decades or centuries? With thousands of books written on it... Is it still that valuable? (What should be, after this long, "common sense"?) Good news! You should be able to get YOUR business training for FREE! Even if Your company doesn't give it...

Franchise Training

Now I am not talking about franchise training, like what McDonalds does... that is different, yet is it? When You purchase a franchise from them, isn't the training included? How to best operate Your/Their Business? For BOTH of Your interests? Fore, if You don't make money, will they?

How About Big Business?

So, if in the big business world, marketing training comes with the purchased business, why not in "small" or "at home" businesses? Why should WE have to find our own??? Shouldn't the "company" want their representatives to be successful? After all, wouldn't YOUR success help their success?

Free Training Of Reps

Keeping in mind, that if free training of reps (sales-personnel) is good for the company, WHY is it that so many companies have no REAL training at all?? Could it be that they don't know what they are doing? Are they just cutting corners at YOUR expense? Or, are they just plain using you? And is there a way that YOU can tell what is good training for Your company?

Business Relationship Training

Here is the "good' news... Most successful business training is alike! Basically the same system... Starting with relationship and personal development training. These two are at the heart of most businesses, whether big or small!

Free Training... The Good News

Can You get this training for free? More good news! Yes, You can! This training used to be more common, and is coming back! (Some groups out there are taking advantage and charging, THOUSANDS of dollars, to give out what You can get free!) Like right here, I am passing on to you, what many have been charged for... Want more? For FREE?

Do The Research!

Following these articles and the suggestions they contain, cost you what? A little of Your time, yet how much would it have cost you in money... from a "guru"?

 A Judgment Call...

Now You be the "judge", Is it really worth the price?

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