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Mlm Schemes – What To Look Out For!

Quotes To Be Wary Of

How many times have you heard:” You are going to be rich in ….!!.” “By joining …..!!!.” “Trust me.....I'm rich!!” “We've been around forever.” Good news!! Mlm schemes are not that much different than any other business. It is how they are managed that really sets them apart!

Well Meanings Do Not Always End Well

Many mlm schemes were started out by well meaning business people, just doing what they think they know. The high failure rate in the industry, I blame first and foremost on the fact that people jump in too quickly, expecting to become rich beyond their abilities, then feeling inadequate and overwhelmed, they quit. Calling their once promising venture just another “mlm scheme”.

Hurry, Sign Up

By taking a little time and doing some research, most “mlm schemes” could be avoided by not getting caught up in the glitz and glitter. To avoid this, there are few things that you should look out for when choosing a mlm company. The sense of urgency, hype without facts to back it up, going though the numbers, cold calling, warm markets or circle of influence, and many other fads from the 60's. 
Network Marketing Is A Business

Things to check out is whether the distributors or the mentors actually teach real marketing systems? If they don”t, these companies will end up being a mlm scheme. For, as I have talked about in other articles, the incredible shrinking down line kicks in, if real repeatable marketing isn't being taught.

Integrity Of The Founders

The integrity of the organization itself should be the first thing you should check out. Integrity is a consistent practice of good ethical and moral standards. Questions to ask are : Do they stand behind their people and products? Mlm schemes normally don't really sell anything, over priced or otherwise. Yet, some mlm schemes that have at least started out selling a good product/service, because of improper techniques and marketing practices, turned it into a scam. Sometimes, the upline mentors of the mlm are the ones that, through lack of proper training, eroded the venture's foundation away. If you lack the right tools or training, you can, and will mislead your down line. Companies with integrity will be TRYING to correct these errors. 
Mlm Schemes Usually Don't Offer These... 
Good mlm companies usually teach repeatable systems that cover real marketing and relationship building. Having hands on mentoring, covering all the details to their policies and procedures. (A short policies and procedures list is a sign of an experienced founder.) Teaching real marketing, adapted to the internet's marketplace, preferably using videos for step by step training. Also, showing you the reliable systems from the old fads of past-years gone by.

Remember No Business Worthwhile Is Free

Don't get me wrong, there are many free offers out there, but if you do not, at least, invest some time, how much is it worth? Like most scams, mlm schemes base their sales on a little truth, a LOT of just hype and rushing you into a quick decision. The truth to their mlm schemes may be that “so and so” did make a million dollar sales month. But, was it telling you that this person already had 300,000 people on their established buyers list? Or, that it only happened once? As you probably already know , mlm schemes mostly victimize people that want something for nothing.

The Value Of Long lasting Relationships

All in all, if the mlm company is willing to train you right, it is looking for a long term relationship with you. As their rep/sales-person, you pass that on to your downline, you will be building a business that you can count on. Success, is having a long term residual income making you financially secure, through a loyal and successful downline. On the other hand, mlm schemes are just flash-in-the-pans, here today—gone tomorrow.

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