Wednesday, December 22, 2010

You "Just" Get What You Pay For... Is That True?

I have heard most of my life that... "You only get what You pay for!" So I ask now, "Is that really true?"


How about a gift? How much did You pay for it? This is where it gets tricky! Usually a gift comes from someone You have built a relationship with... which means that You invested time and ??? into them. So how do you figure those costs? (There are costs to building relationships!) Many of us put it as a "free" gift. But if it is "free", does that mean it is of little or no value to us? (Get what you pay for) NO! Those gifts can be priceless us, even if it was a trinket!

Second Hand...

What about those "Great" deals You get at the local yard sale? Did You get what you paid for there? (That new $100 item, that you gave ten bucks for?) In these cases, someone else paid the price for you! Does that mean it (New in the box) is still junk?

Free Advice?

When it comes to free advice, is there any difference? I have heard about it, the same thing... You get what you pay for... (implied that it is useless or garbage). Yet that is totally discounting all the price that the teacher ("free" advice giver) has paid to get the advice to YOU.

I am not saying that all "free" advice is good! The quality of advice depends on the price of the gathering of that advice. Some of the best free training/advice has been past down through the ages, from parent to child... for free! ( No monetary cost to the child) Is all that training a waste? (Discounting all the "Wives Tales" and manipulative lies...) Still, Just because it is "free" does not mean that it is nothing!

I could go into a lot of other like situations or things to show how "You get what You pay for", is not very accurate. To make the statement more accurate, I would say something like- "You get what was put into it". This would take more into account all that was invested into it before it was past on.

I hope this (free mlm information) has been of value to YOU... I know that I, myself, will use that saying a lot less!

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