Saturday, February 5, 2011

An Agenda Kills Even The Chance To Help!

Are all agendas Bad??? Even the Agenda to help others? Or to show that You really care about someone? How could that be bad? What is the definition of "agenda"?? "A list of things to be done." Yet many take it as, "things (list) to be done to get something in return"....

Either way, the essence is that the one with the agenda, is so focused on their plans or list, that they are oblivious to anyone else's. Much like the salesman that won't listen or see that the target does not need a freezer... (He is at the Arctic...) Or, trying to sell a hair creme to a bald guy. Or even, a toupee to a guy with a full head of hair... Though if the salesman is a real good "closer" and sells something like that, how duplicatable is that??? How many times is He going to repeat that kind of sales?

Back to reality... the Bald guy is not going to buy the creme. (At least not twice!) Most people shut down, and are wary of any agendas... even if it is just to let them know that YOU care! They wonder why it is so important that You need this??? Which ends up making them think that You are going to require something in return!

But! Most importantly! Your mind is focused on your list of things, that YOU WILL miss a lot of the details that they are sharing... Their hopes, their dreams, their needs and their wants... all missed, because you weren't really listening to THEM!

Much like the Marketer, complaining that he isn't having any luck with anybody joining their business... Is that all the information that you need? Not really! How about the one hundred leads a day that he has coming in? What about the fifty people that he just signed up, then quit on him? Or, maybe he isn't getting any one at all for leads? How is he treating the leads he gets? Is the product bad? (usually not) Is the "Great" product over priced? And here is a Question... Does he like people? (in reality, he may be an unsociable hermit, that is just desperate for more cash)...

So if you don't listen really well, you will miss the little clues of what is really the problem! Could be a combination of any, or, all the above, plus maybe something else thrown in....

Even with just the agenda of wanting to be helpful, will blind you, by focusing on the first thing/problem, instead of the real cause! (Much like if a Doctor doesn't listen well, he may prescribe just some Ibuprofen for a headache, when it is really a brain cancer/tumor...)

I guess what I would say is key thing here is to LISTEN with your whole being! It will surprise you what you may hear! there will be time for the helping later...

I hope this helps You in getting away from agendas, and back to being just YOU... let it flow... let Your subconscious help too! (it remembers everything)

Until next time,

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  1. Thank You for the reminder, Bruce. I will keep working on the very important listening skills.

    Theresa Garland