Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Sister Finally Listened to Me by Jennifer Buchanan

Sister Finally Listened to Me

Posted on December 12, 2011

I have a funny testimony from my sister. She is a manager at a local Walmart and as much as she loves that job, it’s very stressful. I was tired of hearing her complain about getting stress headaches and I recommended my products all the time. She really didn’t want to do anything about them until they landed her in the emergency room. I called her and asked her point blank, “Would you like my help in getting rid of your stress?” This time she said yes so I ordered Herbal Calming and Omega III.
She received them yesterday, took them to work today and everyone noticed the difference. They asked her if she was okay? She said she was and then she realized she was calm and had no headaches. Her employees said, “Okay, what are you on and whatever it is we want some!” She took them to her locker and shared her Herbal Calming and Omega III. Her entire Dept was calm and humming and getting in the holiday spirit, she thought it was funny that I have been asking her for years to try something and that it took so long for her to trust that the products would help. I plan to follow up with everyone that would like to try more of our wonderful products.
Jennifer Buchanan
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